Biden Administration Blames NYC Migrant Crisis On Adams

The Biden administration has laid the blame for the New York City migrant crisis at the feet of Mayor Eric Adams. Adams recently voiced his concerns over the migrant crisis and how it could lead to disaster for NYC.

Following statements made by Adams about the imminent destruction of NYC due to the overflowing migrant population, the Biden administration claimed the fault is with the NYC mayor.

The administration believes that Adams had no exit strategy in place for the migrants. His only strategy, they allege, was to bring in the migrants and house them in temporary housing. When that housing ran out, there was no other plan.

This complaint and blame reflects the blame that conservatives are placing on the Biden administration itself. The lack of planning they claim Adams has shown, is the same lack of planning the administration has shown at the southern borders.

The Biden administration continues to allow thousands of migrants into the American borders each day. There is no plan for their housing in many cases. There is also no plan for where to move them if there is no room at the southern borders.

Biden’s plan appears to be to move the migrants to sanctuary cities if they move them at all. These cities, like NYC, declared themselves sanctuary locations without being fully prepared for what that would mean.

Now, Adams has spoken out about the problems his city is facing with housing and food for the migrants. Adams efforts were to put the Biden administration on notice that he finally sees the problems the southern borders are having. He also was requesting assistance.

The Biden administration is not only not offering assistance to Adams, they are saying he should have had plans in place. The financial issues, housing, and other migrant sustaining issues are for Adams to sort out now.

This blame game the Biden administration is doing has shown a light on the lack of planning they themselves have put into place. They do and will continue to expect any city that has migrant overpopulation to find a way to handle it themselves. They will also continue to allow the migrants to enter the southern borders.

City Hall spokesperson Kayla Mamelik‘s statement showed that the Biden administration is wrong in the assumption of there being no plan. Her statement shows that even with plans in place, NYC has reached its limit.

“We have opened more than 200 emergency shelters, have spent more than $2 billion to date, and expect to spend $5 billion this fiscal year alone without substantial aid from our state and federal partners. New York City has far passed its breaking point.”

The Biden administration should realize it is not a matter of planning. The migrant issue is a crisis regardless of city planning and should be viewed as a crisis. This is not about opening borders to immigrants. This is about a crisis that could destroy cities already facing financial issues.