Biden Campaign Focuses On Abortions, Harris Makes False Claim

With his poll ratings being at an all-time low thanks to his handling of the southern border and the economy, President Joe Biden, along with Vice President Kamala Harris, decided the best way to campaign was to focus on the left’s main talking point of abortion.

With the 51st anniversary of the historic Roe v Wade, Biden saw it as an opportunity to try and get Democrats to rally behind him in the 2024 presidential election. Since the issue of abortion is one of the critical points for leftists, Biden decided to attack Republicans, calling their views on abortion “dangerous” and “extreme.”

“On this day and every day, Vice President Harris and I are fighting to protect women’s reproductive freedom against Republicans officials’ dangerous, extreme, and out-of-touch agenda,” he said in a statement.

He also went on to criticize Republicans for not believing in a woman’s right to choose, stating that abortion is a private matter that should be between a woman and her doctor.

In her own campaigning, Harris started a national tour centered around abortion in Wisconsin, a key battleground state. At a rally outside of Milwaukee, she immediately blamed former President Donald Trump for the historic ruling’s overturning.

“The former president hand-picked three Supreme Court Justices because he intended for them to overturn Roe,” she told the crowd. “He made a decision to take your freedoms and it is a decision he does not regret.”

Like her boss, Harris made incorrect statements in her speech about why abortions were suspended in Wisconsin after the Supreme Court ruling. She claimed that the issue was a law that was reinstated after the ruling known as the 1849 law.

As she always does, Harris failed to do her research. Last year, Dane County Circuit Judge Diane Schlipper declared that the law did not ban abortions but feticide, the act of battering a pregnant woman to the point she loses baby.

Wisconsin is crucial to Biden’s re-election due to his winning by 20,600 votes in 2020.

Roe v Wade, which was overturned in 2022, has been a boiling issue among leftists. Many continue to fight, claiming that it takes away women’s rights. While Biden and Harris fight for a woman’s right to choose, they ignore the innocent baby, who is seen as disposable.

Their next stop was in Virginia. Hopefully Harris researched the state’s laws before making another inaccurate claim.

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