Judge Orders Nathan Wade’s Divorce Case Be Unsealed

A Georgia judge ordered on Monday that the court records involving the divorce proceedings of Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor hired by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, be made public after allegations of an affair between the two were brought forward.

Wade’s wife, Joycelyn, filed court documents that showed her husband bought plane tickets in Willis’ name, stating that there “appears to be no reasonable explanation for their travels apart from a romantic relationship.”

According to one of Joycelyn Wade’s lawyers, Nathan Wade took trips to San Francisco and Napa Valley, Florida, Belize, Panama and Australia, along with Caribbean cruises in which Willis “was an intended travel partner” for some of them.

Records show that the first trip took place on October 4, 2022, which involved Wade buying two tickets for himself and Willis on a flight from Atlanta to Miami, according to The Guardian. On the same day, Wade used his credit card to make two purchases with Royal Caribbean Cruises, one for $1,284 and the other $1,387.

The second trip took place on April 23, 2023, in which Wade purchased himself and Willis tickets on a flight from Atlanta to San Francisco.

On another trip that took place on May 14, 2023, Wade used his credit card to make two purchases with a Doubletree hotel in Napa Valley, California for $612 and $228.

The divorce record was unsealed after allegations of an affair between Willis and Wade were made by a lawyer of Mike Roman, one of the 18 co-defendants in the criminal election case against former President Donald Trump. Roman accused the two of being involved in an inappropriate relationship while on the case.

According to records, Wade filed for divorce the day after Willis hired him. Last year, his wife reported that Wade had not disclosed his finances, which showed his income from the Trump case.

Wade, who has little prosecution experience, was heavily defended by Willis. She has not denied the affair allegations, but did accuse Wade’s wife of attempting to obstruct her case against Trump.
The Georgia Senate plans to authorize a subpoena-powered investigative committee to look into Willis’ alleged misconduct this week.

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