Biden Polling Numbers Nosedive As Economic Fears Worsen

President Joe Biden and his Democratic allies can only watch in horror as polling numbers continue to show Americans have no faith in their leader. The latest survey by Social Science Research Solutions for CNN only emphasized how poorly voters see the White House’s economic “plan.”

The poll found a paltry 39% of Americans approve of the Democrat’s handling of the economy. Released on Thursday, it could only dampen the spirits of leftists holding out hope for their president. That approval rating slipped from 41% in July and is the lowest for the president in a year.

On the flip side, an overwhelming 58% believe the president’ agenda has “worsened economic conditions.”

That number represents a staggering 8% rise in disapproval since just July. This despite Biden and his media allies trumpeting the accomplishments of “Bidenomics.”

This new mantra has hardly gained traction as majorities of several demographics do not believe the White House is steering the economy in a positive direction. White voters and men disapprove of Biden’s policies by a resounding 62% and 63% respectively.

Meanwhile, women and minority voters also disapprove by tallies of 54% and 51% respectively.

More results from the most recent Wall Street Journal poll also clarified just how far the president has fallen in the eyes of the electorate.

Conducted from Aug. 24-30, this survey found that only 37% of American voters “strongly” or even “somewhat” approve of Biden’s economic initiatives. Conversely, a remarkable 59% do not agree with his actions concerning the nation’s finances.

This, of course, did not deter the 80-year-old president from touting his “success.” Just last Friday he described the U.S. as being in the midst of “one of the strongest job-creating periods in our history.”

Biden even had the gall to slam Trump for being one of only two presidents in U.S. history to leave office with fewer jobs than when he entered.

What the Democrat counted on was his compliant audience ignoring that Trump’s economy was one of the most successful in recent memory. Only the COVID-19-related shutdowns resulted in job losses — hardly the fault of the president.

In addition, Biden’s ballyhooed job gains are the result of those jobs coming back after forced government closures. That cannot be interpreted as a testimony to any economic policy from the current administration.

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