Dennis Kucinich Moves Ahead With Independent Congressional Bid

With just over seven months until the general election, polls continue to reflect a desire among many Democrats to usher in a new generation of elected officials. Nevertheless, one prominent name from decades past has re-emerged with his announcement of a congressional bid.

This time, however, Dennis Kucinich is not running as a Democrat. Instead, he is seeking an independent path to replace incumbent U.S. Rep. Max Miller (R-OH).

“My allegiance is to America, her people and the U.S. Constitution, not a political party,” he said on Monday. “I am, therefore, thrilled to announce that I filed over 6,000 signature petitions to the Board of Elections to officially become an Independent candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 7th District.”

The two-time Democratic presidential primary candidate last held elected office more than a decade ago when he was defeated in a congressional race by U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH).

Despite a political career that began more than half a century ago, the 77-year-old candidate’s announcement sought to assuage those who are looking for someone younger.

“I will bring to Congress the enthusiasm and the energy of youth together with the wisdom of experience,” he said. “For years I’ve been told I’m ahead of my time. Well, today, today I’m on time.”

Kucinich went on to strike a bipartisan tone in introducing his platform, heralding “rational, aspirational and practical” ideals in the mold of America’s first president.

“Guided by the wisdom of President George Washington, who put country above party, I begin again to create a basis for a re-United States, transcending labels and partisan politics to play a unique role in in the next Congress to help both Democratic and Republican colleagues to work together for the best interests of the American people, to help our nation to be able to communicate with itself at home and with other nations through diplomacy, the science of human relations, where we see each other as potential friends and allies, not as intractable enemies,” he said.

Kucinich went on to advocate for “security, freedom, peace and prosperity,” stressing the need to “retain our faith in the highest principles of the United States, in liberty and justice and in our Constitution, and work to once again put them into action.”

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