Trump Breaks ‘Every Fundraising Record In History’

Former President Donald Trump recently set a new fundraising record, bringing in over $50 million at a recent campaign event in Palm Beach, Florida. The huge sum nearly doubles the $26 million that President Joe Biden raised at a fundraiser in New York City that included former Democratic presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

The RNC said Trump’s event “broke every fundraising record in history for a Republican or Democrat.” Trump’s senior campaign advisers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles said the event was “an incredible night” that raised an “astounding $50.5 million” for the Republican Party.

“The success of tonight’s event is proving what we already know: Americans are fed up with Biden’s record of failure,” said RNC Chair Michael Whatley and Co-Chair Lara Trump. They added that the GOP is “united behind the effort to elect President Donald J. Trump” and that “Americans are lining up to join our movement and retire Crooked Joe Biden once and for all.”

The Biden campaign recently revealed it had raised $90 million in March 2024, and had more than double Republicans’ cash on hand. And was extremely proud of their recent fundraising results in the Big Apple, where Biden reportedly received $26 million and Obama received a verbal lashing from a mob of protesters who interrupted the event.

Funding has been a major topic of discussion recently in the GOP. And the success of Trump’s recent fundraiser shows that support for the former president is what is holding up an otherwise financially struggling organization.

Despite the media doing more to protect Biden than the Secret Service, it’s clear that Trump has the support, in both large and small grassroots donors, to make a strong push into November.

No amount of campaign spending will make Americans forget what the current president has done to our country.

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