Canadian Wildfires To Continue Through August 2023

Canadian forestry officials recently predicted that the ongoing wildfires raging across the country while polluting large sectors of the U.S. will continue through August 2023, setting records for territory burned.

To date, Canada has recorded one of the most severe wildfire seasons in recent history, resulting from several factors, including a lack of forest management, a non-existent national fire service, and the underfunding of regional fire agencies.

In June 2023, Quebec, one of Canada’s highly affected provinces, decided to reject firefighters from Montreal to wait for firefighters from France and other countries.
Although Canada has recruited many emergency personnel from America, France, Costa Rica, Portugal, South Korea, and other countries, it has been devasted by wildfires, with over half being classified as “out-of-control.”

According to the Montreal Gazette, Natural Resources Canada, the agency responsible for territories affected by wildfires, recently revealed that the fires have burned over 8 million hectares of land as of June 27, 2023.

Michael Norton, the head of Canada’s Northern Forestry Centre, recently said that Canadians and their neighbors should be prepared to expect raging wildfires to continue.
“The latest projections indicate that fire activity could remain above normal through July and August across much of the country, from British Columbia to Quebec,” Norton said.
“The fact that so many fires spread across Canada and continued to burn for so long, in addition to the many fires that broke out afterwards, is unprecedented in the annals and partly explains why this year has been difficult,” he added.

Massive plums of smoke have spread across the Canadian landscape and in certain parts of the U.S. because of the wildfires, devastating air quality in the American Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic.

In June 2023, New York City was devastated by a nearby Canadian wildfire, marking the worst air quality of any city worldwide. Other cities such as Detroit, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois, experienced the worst air quality in over 50 years.

The wildfires have affected over 100 million Americans in 23 states, according to Breitbart News.

In June 2023, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed “climate change” as the cause of the wildfires.

“We’re seeing more and more of these fires because of climate change,” Trudeau said at the time. The prime minister is now asking American singer Taylor Swift to perform in Canada instead of taking action to prevent further wildfires.

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