Janet Yellen Criticized For Bowing To CCP Vice Premier

Biden’s Treasury Secretary acted as one would expect from a member of this administration when encountering a Chinese Communist Party official. Janet Yellen bowed to Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng. Numerous times.

U.S. critics were quick to note the horrific optics of the meeting in China. Shouldn’t a cabinet member have a qualified person to inform them that this is not accepted protocol?

Bradley Blakeman is a former senior staffer with the George W. Bush White House. He explained to the New York Post that Yellen violated basic principles of American diplomacy. In his words, “never, ever, ever, an American official does not bow.”

Blakeman further observed that it appeared Yellen had been called to the principal’s office — hardly a position of strength. But that’s the position the Biden administration has put the U.S. in, going “hat in hand.”

He noted that Biden repeatedly embarasses the nation and exhibits weakness. This, he added, showed that the country does not currently have “effective leverage.”

The Daily Mail reported that the Treasury Secretary was the second U.S. emissary to visit China in five years. Her junket was reportedly part of a White House effort to improve communication with its Chinese counterparts.

Yellen told reporters that the administration believes the planet is large enough for both nations to prosper. She said each has the responsibility to better handle their relationship and share in “global prosperity.”

Author Max Murray said that Yellen clearly did not comprehend that she was not supposed to bow as an American official. “They don’t reciprocate. He even backs away to give her more space to kowtow.”

Yellen was chided by her Chinese counterpart, who expressed Beijing’s desire for Washington to be “rational” and “practical.” He said the administration should meet Communist China halfway with “joint efforts” aimed at solidifying the consensus leaders found in Bali.

The Treasury Secretary responded mildly, asserting that the U.S. will take necessary actions to defend national security.

She said the two nations may disagree on those particular actions, but that should not turn into misunderstandings. Yellen declared that a lack of communication would harm “our bilateral economic and financial relationship.”

After the meeting she described their talks as “direct, substantive and productive.”

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