Civil War: Climate Protesters Disrupt ‘Pride’ Rally

Woke activists turned on each other at Saturday’s London “Pride” march, and it was a sight to see. Climate change radicals positioned themselves directly in the path of an LGBT float to call attention to their cause.

Seven members of the leftist outfit Just Stop Oil blocked the path of the float sponsored by Coca-Cola. The group claimed to be a coalition of organizations dedicated to forcing the government to stop issuing “new fossil fuel licensing and production.”

The environmentalist radicals are shown on video vandalizing the open-air bus and surrounding pavement with pink and black paint. This followed one of their party lying in front of the float as people danced around.

Two other climate protesters carried gold-colored fire extinguishers as well as spray paint. After making their mark, they then sat on the pavement impeding the path of the decorated bus through the parade and chanted “just stop oil.”

They were successful for 16 minutes.

After resting in front of the red bus adorned with rainbow flags, the seven protesters were arrested by police on public nuisance charges. The LGBT gathering cheered when police carried the activists away.

Part of the protesters’ demands was that the “Pride” organization reveal who their corporate financing came from to see if it passed their litmus test. Then the climate radicals wanted a commitment from the marchers to their own efforts against fossil fuels.

According to Just Stop Oil, “these partnerships embarrass the LGBT community at a time when much of the cultural world is rejecting ties to these toxic industries.”

The radicals accused “Pride” organizations of being used by “high-polluting industries and the banks that fund them.” They accused these businesses of attempting to cleanse their public images through waving rainbow flags while polluting the environment.

Just Stop Oil said that the LGBT community will be among the first to be harmed by “societal collapse.” The group added that “‘Pride’ [has] a responsibility to take action to protect their community, and they are failing.”

Organizer spokesperson De’Athe-Morris did not take kindly to the disruption of the annual event.

He accused the climate activists of “really letting down those people who use this space once a year to come together to celebrate and protest for those rights.”

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