Crowd Boos Lindsey Graham At SC Trump Rally

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) encountered a barrage of boos while campaigning for former President Donald Trump at a rally in his home state of South Carolina on Saturday. As he exited the stage, supporters expressed their disapproval by giving him a thumbs down.

Graham, who delivered a brief speech lasting approximately five minutes, faced boos from the crowd as he initially took the stage.

Upon reaching the podium, Graham had to pause as the booing overwhelmed his words.

While talking to the crowd in Pickens, SC, Graham said, “Let me tell you how you win an election, folks. You get people together that don’t agree all of the time to agree on the most important things.”

Despite the booing coming from the crowd, Graham continued, “My hope is we can bring this party together ‘cause he’s gonna be our nominee. He will be the nominee of the Republican Party, and let me tell you what’s at stake. If they win in 2024, they’re gonna pack the Supreme Court. So, we need to get off our butts and make sure Donald Trump wins. If they win in 2024, Puerto Rico and D.C. will be states. Four Democrats for the rest of our lifetime. They’ll abolish the electoral college; they will turn this nation upside down.”

Graham concluded his speech, saying, “There’s one person running for president as a Republican that has the ability to change this country. It is Donald J. Trump. He did it once; he can do it again. I’m gonna help him all over this country, and folks, I am from South Carolina. He is gonna win South Carolina. This is the pathway to the presidency. God bless you all. God bless President Trump. God bless America.”

Following his speech, Graham made his way to the left side of the stage and departed amidst a loud and displeased crowd of Trump supporters. They expressed their dissatisfaction by booing at the senator and gesturing thumbs down.

Shortly after Graham’s remarks, Trump stepped onto the stage and made an effort to rally support for the senator.

During a later part of the rally, Trump mentioned Graham, which elicited another round of boos from the crowd. Trump responded by saying, “I’m gonna have to work on these people.” He also expressed his willingness to campaign for Graham when he is up for re-election.

Graham, who has been serving as a senator for South Carolina since 2003, has faced criticism from Trump supporters in recent years due to his stances on various issues.