CNN’s Tapper Agrees: Trump Was Right About Hunter’s China Earnings

CNN’s Jake Tapper recently acknowledged a glaring issue concerning Hunter Biden’s financial interactions with China and President Joe Biden’s public statements about them.

During a segment on Thursday, Tapper played a video from the 2020 presidential debates. In this clip, then-President Donald Trump claimed Hunter Biden profited significantly from dealings in Ukraine, China, and Moscow. Joe Biden, in response, asserted that this claim was “simply not true.”

However, Tapper pointed out that Hunter’s recent court statements don’t align with what his father said during the debates.

After showing the video, Tapper remarked, “Trump was correct. Hunter did earn a lot from China, and Joe Biden wasn’t accurate about it. Whether he lied or didn’t know because of Hunter’s silence, it’s an issue.”

Kristen Soltis Anderson, a Republican pollster on Tapper’s panel, noted that these revelations about Hunter would continue to be a concern for the GOP and would remain significant in legal matters.

Adding to the ongoing debate, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, when questioned about Hunter Biden’s connections to China by a Daily Caller reporter, avoided giving a direct answer, simply stating, “I don’t have any comment on that.”

Also present in the discussion was former Democratic Representative from Michigan, Andy Levin. Levin tried to present the situation in a more positive light by pointing out that parents often have a “blind spot” when it comes to their children’s actions. However, the vast sums, reportedly up to $20 million from foreign sources, raise eyebrows and concerns.

Levin added that no concrete evidence directly connects President Biden to Hunter’s business activities. He mentioned that many voters might not consider this a significant issue, but there’s a large segment that believes such possible corruption should be kept far from the White House.

The debate heated up when it was recalled that an IRS whistleblower unveiled a message from Hunter to a Chinese businessman, Henry Zhao. This message implied that Joe Biden might have been present during their discussions. Hunter’s text hinted at potential consequences if his requests weren’t fulfilled and made references to his father.

The unfolding story around Hunter Biden’s international business dealings and the involvement, or lack thereof, of President Biden remains a topic of keen interest.

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