Comer Demands Special Counsel Hand Over Biden Classified Documents

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) sent a letter to Special Counsel Robert Hur on Monday demanding answers about President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents before becoming president — requesting information about the content of the documents, as he is concerned about their connection to the Biden family’s alleged influence-peddling schemes.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Hur as special counsel to investigate Biden’s mishandling of classified documents back in January — but Hur waited until the beginning of October to finally interview Biden about the scandal.

In the letter, Comer explained that the Oversight Committee required information from Hur’s office to “further” their own investigation into the president and his family.

“The Committee has developed significant evidence regarding President Biden’s retention of classified materials at Penn Biden Center. Witness testimony, emails, and text messages establish there were at least five current and former White House employees who coordinated accessing boxes, which contained classified documents, between 2021 and October 2022,” the letter read. “The Committee is concerned as to why President Biden has not been fully transparent about the White House’s involvement in accessing these materials prior to November 2, 2022.”

Comer then noted that the House was seeking information that could potentially link Biden’s illegally retained classified documents to the countries where his family had business ties.

“[T]he Biden family received millions of dollars from foreign sources while President Biden served in public office and afterwards,” the letter read, adding: “If any of the classified documents mishandled by President Biden involved countries or individuals that had financial dealings with Biden family members or their related companies, the Committee needs access to that information to evaluate whether our national security has been compromised.”

“The Committee is concerned that President Biden may have retained sensitive documents related to specific countries involving his family’s foreign business,” he wrote, referencing the Biden family business’ ties to countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Kazakhstan.

“President Biden’s retention of certain classified documents begs the question as to why he kept these particular materials. Of the many classified documents he reviewed over his lengthy career, why did President Biden keep these specific documents in his home and office?” Comer’s letter continued.

It has been apparent to many conservatives that there is a significant difference between how the investigations into Biden and former President Donald Trump’s classified documents have been treated. Trump has already been charged in relation to his retention of classified documents — despite the fact that he had the authority to do so and was keeping them secure in a room with a lock provided by the FBI.

Meanwhile, Biden has not faced any charges related to his classified documents — which he had no authority to keep, as the documents came from his time as a U.S. senator and vice president in the Obama administration. Biden was also illegally storing these classified documents in locations that were not secure — including the garage of his Delaware home. Despite the clear evidence showing that Biden had broken the law, federal officials have not charged him — even after interviewing roughly 100 witnesses in the criminal investigation.

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