Conor McGregor Outraged After Tragedy In Ireland

Former UFC champion and Irish patriot Conor McGregor responded forcefully on Friday to the horrific stabbing of three small children. The suspect is believed to be an Algerian immigrant, and the atrocity led to sweeping protests.

A five-year-old girl remains in critical condition at a Dublin hospital.

McGregor called for his nation to stand together to ensure that such incidents, which also left a teacher’s aide in serious condition, do not happen again.

Calling the current crisis a “war,” the fighter and businessman declared, “We are not backing down, we are only warming up.”

McGregor exploded in anger over a video posted on X, formerly Twitter, showing a far-left journalist criticizing opponents of mass migration. “Isn’t that something? The absolute picture of weak and feeble. The most divisive of all is the weak man.”

The fighter continued. “One of the most horrific crimes this nation ever seen has occurred, we do not care anymore what you sad cases have to say. You are nothing.”

The popular MMA fighter asked what should happen to the man who attacked innocent women and children. Should he get a few years behind bars at taxpayer expense just to get out and be able to repeat his crimes?

No, McGregor said. “Needs to be deported immediately …”

The streets erupted in protest after news of the horrific crime spread through the population. Police arrested 34 people after a throng as large as 500 set fire to vehicles to protest the presence of violent illegal migrants.

As is typical in 2023, authorities were quick to condemn those outraged over the attack. Dublin Police Chief Drew Harris instantly slammed the demonstrators as “far-right,” which is now the catchall for anyone who is conservative.

When Harris was asked about the motive for the mass stabbing, he was far more careful with his words. “I’m not going to speculate any further in respect to a terrorist motive. Until we are sure what the motive is, we have to keep an open mind as to why this happened.”