Cuomo’s Sister Led Aggressive Push Against Female Accusers

The political landscape of New York has always been tumultuous ground, but recent revelations have cast a deeper shadow over the events that led to former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) departure from office in 2021. A shocking report, citing thousands of emails, text messages and voice notes, pinpoints the former governor’s sister, 58-year-old Madeline Cuomo, as the orchestrator of a harsh campaign aimed to challenge the credibility of those who accused her brother.

The expansive compilation of communication between Madeline Cuomo and a pro-Cuomo organization, We Decide New York, reveals a vehemently coordinated attempt to paint the accusers in an unfavorable light. Phrases such as “bimbo photos” and “unsophisticated girls” were thrown around, adding weight to the belief that there was a deliberate intention to tarnish the reputation of these women.

Madeline Cuomo’s entanglement with Anna Vavare, a We Decide New York member, also came to light. They were involved in a social media post targeting one of the former governor’s accusers, Charlotte Bennett. A photograph of Bennett was uploaded to the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, accompanied by a damning caption: “Your life will be dissected like a frog in a HS science class.”

There’s an undercurrent of distress from the We Decide New York group members, as exemplified by Sandy Behan, 71, who shared with the media that the younger Cuomo was quite demanding. Behan stated, “She wanted to make sure we toe the line and we did. This was a means for her to get information out to benefit her brother.” This sentiment echoes throughout the group, with many feeling that Madeline Cuomo utilized them for her family’s advantage.

While the scandal that led to Andrew Cuomo’s resignation has been covered extensively, his sister’s involvement is a jarring development that adds a fresh dimension to the saga. Amid it all, there have been claims that the former governor might not have been privy to these operations. Madeline herself also supports this, as she has been quoted stating her motivation was to “protect her family” and that her brother was not involved.

To discerning eyes, there’s a subtle irony in Andrew Cuomo’s 2021 statement in a Fox News video where he clarified that he was not a pervert but “just Italian.” Such a statement juxtaposed with these new findings of the alleged aggressive smear campaign raises questions on the extent of familial involvement in trying to shield Andrew Cuomo from the storm of accusations.

It’s evident that Madeline Cuomo’s relationship with We Decide New York, particularly in her interactions with its members, has created ripples within the group. This begs the question of how many layers are yet to be uncovered in this continuing saga.

The former governor’s spokesperson maintains that Cuomo hasn’t been directly or indirectly involved in these efforts, emphasizing that he always voices his views openly. However, as investigations unfold and more information comes to light, the residents of New York and the larger American populace will be watching closely, awaiting clarity and truth.

These revelations serve as a reminder that in the world of politics and power, the lines often blur, and what appears on the surface can be deeply rooted in a maze of complexities. One thing is sure — the story of Andrew Cuomo’s fall from grace is far from over.