South Carolina Democrat Demonstrates Disregard For Constituents

A recent exchange between South Carolina state Reps. Adam Morgan (R) and Todd Rutherford (D) demonstrated the disregard that elected officials have for their constituents.

Twitchy reported on an exchange between Morgan and Rutherford, with the Democrat state lawmaker, perhaps unintentionally, demonstrating what is wrong with today’s politicians.

While speaking on the South Carolina House floor, Morgan pointed out that “dark money” organizations are established to target conservatives across America, adding that elected officials are encouraged to ignore their voters and listen to lobbyists instead.

Morgan said his constituents want taxpayer funds spent on roads and schools instead of politicians focusing on listening to outside forces.

“Unelected bureaucrats, other representatives in here who have been here for far too long and maybe managed a whole lot of these deals,” he added.

Rutherford interrupted Morgan, claiming they should listen to experts instead of “those people back in your district.” In other words, Morgan should not listen to the pleas of the individuals who elected him.

Morgan then issued a scathing rebuke of Rutherford, saying that he would not stop listening to his constituents.

“Mr. Rutherford, I don’t think that you could have espoused a philosophy that disagrees more fundamentally than me. I completely disagree with you and I think that you believe what you just said. No. I am 100 percent going to listen to the people back home, who I represent,” Morgan said.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, multiple users applauded Morgan for his rebuttal to Rutherford’s claim.

“Preach it, my man. This is what representative government is all about,” one user said.

“Finally! A representative that listens to the people he represents,” another user wrote.

Rutherford faced massive backlash over his comments, demonstrating what is wrong with today’s elected officials.

“The second speaker perfectly personifies what is wrong with politics,” one X user said. “He clearly states that REPRESENTATIVES should listen to big money deep state actors over the will of the people that elected them to REPRESENT them. I can’t believe he said the quiet part out loud. F’em.”

In November 2023, Morgan announced that he would challenge Rep. William Timmons (R-SC) for his South Carolina congressional seat in 2024.

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