Fox Host Claims Biden Impeachment Has No ‘Direct Evidence’

“Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy caught major flack from his fellow hosts on their Wednesday show after he claimed that Republican members of Congress have no evidence against President Joe Biden influencing business decisions for his son Hunter Biden.

The claim from the host seems quite detached from reality as the House Oversight Committee has shared numerous pieces of substantial evidence that Biden very likely had sway in major business decisions. The committee previously shared payment records of the older Biden receiving monthly payments from Hunter Biden’s business entity, Owasco PC.

Doocy made his statement as Hunter is set to meet with the Oversight Committee behind closed doors as part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry for Joe Biden.

“The Republicans have yet to produce any direct evidence of misconduct by Joe Biden,” Doocy said, immediately drawing questions from his fellow hosts.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt immediately questioned the statement and co-host Brian Kilmeade noted that Hunter had claimed his “‘dad is sitting next to me’ while talking to a Chinese CFC official.”

He also noted that Joe Biden would go under the pseudonym “Robin Ware” when he exchanged emails concerning his son’s business, something revealed by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Even with the evidence discussed by his co-hosts, Doocy doubled down on his take when he claimed that “To impeach somebody, you need direct evidence of misconduct by Joe Biden. Look, Hunter Biden, it sure looks like he traded on his name and he’s gonna have plenty of time–”

Kilmeade interrupted, noting that Joe Biden was involved with his son’s business dealings and “the role his dad played was key.”

Doocy then claimed “some Republicans” that he’s spoken to on Capitol Hill claim there’s “no direct evidence of misconduct by the current president” but failed to name anybody when questioned by his co-hosts.

Both Kilmeade and Earhardt seemed to give up on convincing Doocy, stating that it’s “corrupt” and “unbelievable” respectively.

There’s even more evidence tying Joe Biden to his son’s business dealings that the hosts didn’t discuss, such as former Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer, who admitted that Hunter was on the board because of the influence of the older Biden. He also stated that Joe was frequently involved in business dealings, sometimes being on call at meetings per the request of other executives.

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