Gallup Poll Shows Reduction In Americans’ Trust In Media

Amid the web of lies that is the mainstream media, Americans are turning to alternative news sources in record-high numbers, according to a recently released poll.

Gallup recently conducted a survey showing that 39% of Americans have no trust in the mainstream media, marking an all-time high since 1972 when the pollster posed the same question.

The Gallup poll also revealed that 29% of Americans don’t hold “very much trust” in media, matching 2016 levels, as reported by The Federalist.

In contrast, just 30% of respondents said they have some sort of confidence in the mainstream media, while 32% said they have “a great deal” or a “fair amount” of trust in American media.

Although Democrats have demonstrated more trust in media compared to Republicans, they are now beginning to raise questions.

“The latest gap of 47 points is the narrowest since 2016,” Gallup reported. “Democrats’ trust in the media has fallen 12 points over the past year, to 58 percent, and compares with 11 percent among Republicans and 29 percent among independents.”

Since the day Trump announced he would be running for president in 2016, the media created lie after lie about the then-presidential candidate to prevent him from becoming president. Of course, the mainstream media has ultimately failed in its goal to bring down Trump, who took his oath of office on Jan. 20, 2017.

After becoming president, Trump had to battle the mainstream media every single day. Most notably, the media told Americans that the former president “colluded” with the Russians to “steal” the 2020 presidential election. As we’ve come to find out in the Muller Report, no such thing over occurred between Trump and the Russian government.

Today, the mainstream media’s coverage of an explosion in Gaza amid a war between Israel and Hamas, a terrorist organization, has further eroded Americans’ trust.

Recently, the Associated Press (AP) and the New York Times published articles spreading Hamas propaganda, claiming Israel launched a rocket into a hospital in Gaza, but, of course, it turns out it was the other way around.

“Incredibly, the media are still ‘both sides-ing’ the false reports about the hospital bombing that wasn’t,” Federalist Editor Mark Hemingway said.

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