McCarthy Says Biden Knew About Classified Docs In His Home

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) alleges Joe Biden was aware of the classified documents found at his Delaware home given that he sent lawyers to remove papers from his office.

“I think if you call a lawyer to remove something for your office, he must have known ahead of time,” McCarthy said during his first House Speaker press conference, adding “so, I think he has a lot of answers to the American public. The good thing about that is the American public has a Congress that can get the answers.”

Townhall reported that McCarthy said Congress must investigate the matter, pointing out that Biden expressed massive disapproval when documents were found at the home of former President Trump.

“Here’s an individual that sat on ‘60 Minutes’ that was so concerned about President Trump’s documents,” said the House Speaker. “Now we find that this is a vice president keeping it for years out in the open in different locations.”

The House Speaker argued that Biden’s classified documents were hidden from the people of the United States, saying “they kept it a secret from the American public.”

McCarthy asked, “You watched them leak photos of sitting out files of President Trump. Where are the photos of President Biden’s documents?”

McCarthy reportedly suggested he did not find a need for Biden to face an in-depth investigation, saying, “I don’t think there needs to be a special prosecutor.” Others in government, such as Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) asked agencies to launch a “damage assessment,” while Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the formation of a special counsel to investigate the classified documents allegedly found at Joe Biden’s Washington office and Delaware home.

A piece from MSNBC showed the disdain for Garland held by some on the left, claiming that the “Justice Department’s perception of fairness is incredibly deferential to conservatives.”

One may find such comments quite strange given that the home of former President Donald Trump was raided in August last year. In addition to breaking into Trump’s residence, federal agents reportedly stole his passports.

McCarthy compared the reports of documents discovered at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and the Biden home.

“From one standpoint, they knew the documents were there,” he said. “You look at President Biden. He wasn’t president. He was vice president. He held these in different locations right out in the open. He criticized President Trump.”

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