Migrant Gangs Targeting Upscale Homes Across The US

After an increase in burglaries committed by foreign gangs, Michigan law enforcement officers have created a new task force to get a handle on the crime wave hitting upscale neighborhoods.

The Southeast Michigan Collaborate Arrest Prosecute (SEM CAB) will be partnering with multiple state and federal law enforcement agencies, according to Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, who announced the new task force at a news conference on December 6.

“These are transnational gangs that are involved in this that come from South America, looking to do burglaries and violate our communities, not just in Oakland County but across America,” Bouchard said.

Bouchard stated that the thieves have been identified as nationals from Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras.

The gangs are operating across the U.S. and are targeting “high-end homes, jewelry stores, and cars,” using sophisticated methods to carry out their crimes.

“They reportedly use a jammer to overcome wireless security systems that depend on WiFi to operate,” Bouchard said. For that reason, he recommended that residents should not use security systems that rely on WiFi.

He reported that the crew consists of approximately four to six “highly functional and well-trained” gang members who have targeted approximately 40 homes in the area since September.

“They typically hit homes from 5 to 9 p.m., they seem to want houses where nobody’s home, and they usually come in through windows in the back,” he added.
New Yorkers have also been hit by these gangs.

In October, Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) demanded “a limit on who can come across’’ the border and for more agents to catch those crossing illegally.

“It is too open right now,’’ Hochul said.

She urged that Congress “double or quadruple” the amount of Border Patrol agents, instead of eliminating positions.

“Obviously, this is a pattern. We also believe these are folks coming from outside of Michigan, so it’s an organized, targeted effort,” Bouchard said.

Like Hochul, Bouchard also blamed Washington, D.C. for not securing the border and protecting Americans.

“American’s getting crushed,” he said. “With fentanyl, human trafficking, terrorist activity that is a ticking time bomb in my opinion. And obviously, transnational gangs that are now attacking communities in Oakland County.”