Polls: Trump Can Win Presidency Without Significant Battleground States

Former President Donald Trump is receiving good news as it has been learned that as things currently stand, he can win the 2024 presidential election even without winning Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

The stunning news comes from a CNN electoral map based on polling from the individual states. The map shows that even without those states, Trump could still pass the 270-vote threshold with 272 electoral votes, while Biden would receive only 225.

That this news comes from a leftist news media outlet makes the news even more compelling, as left-leaning news sources are often suspected of pushing favorable narratives to their own cause, including polls whose samples are slanted in favor of Democrats.

Nevertheless, Trump still carries a lead in the aforementioned states and could feasibly still win them and others that are traditionally won by Democrats. In Michigan, the latest poll shows Trump leading Biden by 3 points.

The news comes not long after President Biden gave his State of the Union address, which historically leads to a small bounce in the polls for the president in office. During the address, Biden gave a long, angry-sounding speech that at times felt like he was yelling at the audience. Democrats then tried to sell this as a sign of his energy despite his old age. However, polling taken before and after the address shows little to no change, and in some cases even shows him worse off.

Additionally, even though some polling samples may have shown a margin of error favorable for Trump in the recent Republican primaries, analysts still say that this is not a sign for real optimism from Democrats, as Trump remains securely on top in the polling.

With the election coming closer each week, runaway inflation, high gas prices and soaring food costs are certainly not helping Biden. The dangerous open border flooding the nation with illegal immigrants is also a key issue with voters that Biden has refused to resolve. Lastly, the divisive funding of the war in Ukraine has divided the vote. Although incumbents normally hold a political advantage, Biden has clearly lost his.

Nevertheless, Trump had similar optimistic outlooks for reelection in 2020 and somehow the Democrats still managed to pull off a “victory.” The conclusion is that regardless of favorable polling, Republicans must be vigilant if they want to win.

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