Publication Claims Asian-Americans Allied With White Supremacists

The Nation has never been called the bedrock of journalistic integrity, but the left-wing outlet sank to perhaps a new low with its latest volley against conservatives. And this time, the target was Asian-Americans.

Its latest missive carried the ominous title, “Asian-American Conservatives Have Become Key Allies of White Supremacy.”

This came in the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent landmark decision that tossed aside race-based admissions at U.S. colleges and universities. For the left in 2023, being colorblind is merely another form of discrimination.

To show just how blind to reality the radical left remains, the article claimed that affirmative action actually helped Asian-Americans in school admissions. This despite mountains of evidence showing the demographic being systematically excluded from prized slots at top schools.

But, to The Nation, this is just another fact to toss aside.

The article made clear that Asian-Americans are not pawns of “White supremacists,” rather “they are active, militant co-conspirators with White conservatives.”

Amazingly, some U.S. universities do not even categorize these students as “people of color.” Instead they created arbitrary categories for their freshman classes such as “Whites and Asians” and “People of Color Not Asian.”

Leftists are particularly adept at twisting themselves into pretzels to prove an unprovable point.

For another example of how convoluted the arguments against fair college admissions became, look no further than the American Psychological Association (APA).

Just over a decade ago, the organization produced an essay detailing the detrimental effects of affirmative action on the Asian-American community. It told how teenagers of Asian origin hesitate to affirm their identity and thus be subjected to unfair penalties due to their ethnicity.

It acknowledged what was well known — that college admissions officers held the Asian-American students to a higher standard than their peers. Many times they were docked points by giving them a low personality rating.

The APA recognized this and correctly called for the practice’s abolition. But that was then.

In the recent case brought against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina, the APA reversed course. It completely ignored even a mention of the previous essay.

Instead, the organization trumpeted the “stresses of discrimination, prejudice and underrepresentation” on the Black and Latino populations. Rather than a level playing field for all, the left would rather heavily tilt the surface in one direction to meet their ideological goals.