Rep. Gooden Demands Transparency Regarding Biden’s Fani Willis Meeting

In an exclusive letter obtained by Breitbart News, Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) called on President Joe Biden to disclose information regarding the purported meetings between the White House and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ chief prosecutor before Willis’ indictment of former President Donald Trump in August.

This demand marks the initial congressional investigation into the reported meetings, with numerous Republicans harboring suspicions that there was collusion between Willis and the White House in relation to the indictment of former President Donald Trump.

Gooden’s correspondence is a direct response to a court filing made on Monday by Mike Roman, a political strategist and co-defendant of Trump in the Georgia election case. In his filing, Roman highlighted four allegations regarding Willis’ behavior during her prosecution of Trump.

Roman said Nathan Wade, who served as the chief prosecutor in Willis’ case against Trump, was involved in an “improper” relationship with Willis; Wade’s law firm utilized county funds, possibly through questionable payments, to finance luxurious vacations for Willis; Wade’s appointment lacked the necessary authorization from authorities and was characterized by minimal to nonexistent prosecutorial experience and lastly, Wade had two meetings with President Joe Biden’s White House counsel prior to indicting Trump in August, which has raised concerns about potential coordination between the White House and the prosecution of Biden’s political rival for the 2024 election.

Gooden wrote in his letter, “It has come to light that Mr. Wade while working on the investigation into President Trump’s alleged election interference, billed Fulton County for two separate meetings with White House Counsel in May and November of 2022. This information, revealed in a recent court filing, suggests a concerning level of coordination between the White House and those leading politically sensitive investigations.

Gooden described the implications of these meetings as “profound” and implied that the White House might have engaged in election interference.

He said, “This is especially concerning given the alleged personal relationship between Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade and the financial benefits they reportedly received during the course of the investigation. The involvement of the White House in a case of this magnitude undermines that confidence and suggests a misuse of power for political ends. We must maintain a clear separation between political processes and legal proceedings.”

Gooden asked Biden to disclose whether he, White House staff or attorneys representing Biden’s family members or advisors held virtual or in-person meetings with any of the individuals involved in the investigation of Trump.

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