Staying Home With Children Could Fix Soaring Childcare Costs

The costs of raising children in Biden’s America continues to soar out of the reach of many young couples. A new report by illustrated the burden placed on parents as they struggle to make ends meet in this inflationary economy.

The study showed 67% of parents spend 20% or more of their income on childcare. That’s a staggering jump from just 2022, when that number reached 51%. The cost per child? An astounding $1,136 per month.

For perspective, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services determined that 7% of household income is a healthy level to spend for childcare.

Could the answer to this growing crisis be staying at home with children?

Single parents do not have this choice, but the same cannot be said if a couple has one working spouse. With the cost of childcare high and continuing to climb, could the wise choice be for one parent to forgo work and raise their family?

There are examples of people who spend one parent’s entire paycheck on daycare. For what purpose?

Critics charge that praise heaped on the “ideal” two-income family is merely meant to prop up the nation’s GDP and corporate interests. The question should be whether this scenario is necessary for the young family to survive.

They also note the expenses associated with a second job that have no relation to childcare. The extra vehicle, for example, along with commuting expenses, clothing and a long list of expenditures necessitated by another job.

Daycare in its original form was designed for low-income workers and single parents, not those who could afford to have a parent stay in the home.

It was never intended for those with the means to make ends meet without both spouses working.

What is the result of this arrangement for a startling number of U.S. children? Long days in their formative years being spent in the company of strangers.

However wrong this may sound to conservatives, the usual solution for any problem to leftists is more government spending. That’s why so many advocate for more federal and state funding to subsidize daycare in the manner of public education.

But if there’s one thing the current state of public education teaches, it’s that responsible parents do not want one more iota of government influence in the lives of their children than already exists.

One parent staying home may be the solution.