Trump Slams Judge’s Refusal To Delay Trial For Mother-In-Law’s Funeral

Former president and current GOP primary frontrunner Donald Trump has blasted U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan for the latest biased decision in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case, as the Democrat judge has refused to delay the case for one day so that Trump can attend the funeral of his mother-in-law.

Melania Trump’s 78-year-old mother Amalija Knavs recently passed away, but Kaplan had no sympathy for the Trump family. He informed Trump and his attorneys that the former president could attend court or the funeral, but not both.

Trump has pointed out that he needed to be present during every moment of the “Witch Hunt” civil trial — where he has already been found liable for attacking Carroll nearly 30 years ago without any evidence and is now arguing in court over damages for the supposed attack on the clearly mentally unstable woman.

“Now, because I want to be at this Witch Hunt 100% of the time and watch what is going on, my attorneys asked the Judge for a one day delay so that I can attend the funeral of my beloved mother-in-law, with my wife and entire family, tomorrow in Palm Beach, Florida,” Trump wrote in a fiery post on Truth Social.

The Republican presidential frontrunner also addressed Kaplan’s decision in a video, where he pointed out that a “trial like this is not an emergency in terms of timing” — noting that his lawyers said that it would be “demeaning” to force Trump to miss his mother-in-law’s funeral to attend such a trial.

“That’s a nasty man,” Trump added, referring to Kaplan. “He’s a nasty judge. He’s a Trump-hating guy, and it’s obvious to everybody in the court. It’s a disgrace frankly, what’s happening it’s a disgrace. Happens to be a Clinton appointment, but I’m sure that has nothing to do with it.”

He also reiterated his previous affirmation that he had “no idea” who Carroll was before she accused him of attacking her, arguing that the entire process has been “a totally rigged deal” and yet another form of “election interference.”

Trump’s fiery response to the judge’s inhumane decision comes after a shocking exchange in the courtroom between Trump lawyer Alina Habba and Kaplan about the decision.
“The application is denied. I will hear no further argument on it,” the judge declared after Habba requested the one-day delay for the funeral.

The lawyer tried to speak up for her client again, but Kaplan immediately cut her off, snapping: “None. Do you understand that word?”

“I don’t like to be spoken to that way, your honor,” Habba fired back.

Trump’s lawyer then attempted to request the delay a third time, but the judge denied her request again, stating: “It’s denied. All right, sit down, Ms. Habba.”

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