Zelenskyy Purges Military Again As Ukrainian Corruption Rages

Even as war continues to rage with Russia, Ukraine’s internal struggle with rampant corruption shows no signs of letting up. Six deputy defense ministers were sacked Monday on the heels of Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov’s exit two weeks ago.

Reznikov resigned over accusations of paying three times the cost of military jackets procured for the military.

Taras Melnychuk, permanent representative of the Cabinet of Ministers, reported on but gave no explanation for the most recent firings.

However, Kyiv has been probing allegations of military corruption concerning purchasing equipment for the war effort. The new defense minister, Rustem Umerov, did not release a statement on the action.

The news came even as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy prepared to make his second trip to the U.S. this week. He will speak before the 78th opening of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City and is expected to address third world nations that are aligned with Russia in the conflict.

Jake Sullivan, President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, attempted to put a positive spin on events surrounding Zelenskyy’s third visit to the U.S.

He claimed that the much-ballyhooed Ukrainian counteroffensive is going well. In fact, Sullivan declared it forced Moscow to “desperately” seek help from North Korea to push back against Kyiv’s gains.

Zelensky is also expected to visit lawmakers in Washington and make an appearance at the White House. This comes as many Republicans openly question the seemingly unlimited funding the U.S. is pouring into the war.

Many also note the glaring lack of oversight even as tens of billions of taxpayers’ dollars flow into Ukrainian coffers. Congress is currently considering Biden’s recent request for another $24 billion earmarked for military and humanitarian aid for the country.

The New York Times reported that many expect Zelenskyy to deploy a different tone with world leaders this week. He faced criticism recently for appearing to ungratefully scold allies who propped up his country’s fight with Moscow.

The firing of the six deputy defense ministers came just one day after Ukraine’s military said it recaptured the village of Klishchiivka. Fighting waged with Russian troops for months in the breakaway area of Donetsk.

This success followed the recent retaking of Andriivka, a nearby village. Military leaders reported the retaking of Klishchiivka is strategically important for extending Kyiv’s recent gains.

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