BLM Mob Shuts Down Kyle Rittenhouse’s Speech

A Black Lives Matter (BLM) mob shut down a Kyle Rittenhouse speech at Western Kentucky University (WKU). This radical Marxist group does not believe in countering speech they find offensive with more speech. They believe in the violent suppression of differing opinions, as the unruly and ugly BLM masses showed.

“Don’t stop here!” and “Shut him down!” were among the chants shouted by BLM partisans at WKU. The group had previously shut down a Rittenhouse speech in Memphis, Tennessee.

Kyle Rittenhouse shot three “victims” in self-defense at a 2020 riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin instigated by Antifa, BLM and their sympathizers. Two of the men died of their wounds and one was wounded. In 2021 Rittenhouse was tried and acquitted of all charges concerning the incident.

Most of the BLM mob at WKU probably did not know that all three of the attackers shot by Rittenhouse were White. This may include President Biden, who absurdly called him a “white supremacist.”

Some have mused that perhaps Black Lives Matter truly now believes that ALL Lives Matter — but this is not likely. Rather, the three thugs cut down by Rittenhouse are considered “Black by proxy.” More importantly, they represent the worldview of BLM and Antifa partisans of all races — namely, opposition to civil society, western civilization values and the nuclear family.

Kyle Rittenhouse, conversely, stands for all these principles and so remains a BLM enemy. He is not given a pass because he killed White people.

Also unknown to most — largely because the major media outlets forget to mention it — one of the two “victims” killed by Rittenhouse was Joseph Rosenbaum, who had done 14 years in prison for inappropriate acts with children aged 8 to 10.

Antifa is known for harboring adults who are attracted to children. Placards at past events have indicated clear support for these people as well as their prominent organizations.

Also not reported have been the rap sheets of the other two men. Anthony Huber had been convicted of 12 counts of violent acts against family members. Gabe Grosskreutz has multiple convictions including burglary counts, as well as other arrests for offenses including DUI and felony firearms possession. He survived Rittenhouse’s bullet but suffered a significant bicep injury.

These inconvenient facts disrupt the narrative that Rittenhouse is a murderous racist who was acquitted by a White-dominated justice system.

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