California Teachers Union Wants To Allow Homeless People In School Parking Lots

A teachers’ union in California has suggested inviting homeless people to sleep in high school parking lots in a bizarre proposal sent to the district.

The Fresno Teachers Association made the recommendation in a contract proposal — advocating for the district to spend $500,000 to “open high school parking lots to homeless families to park their car.” The union also requested that the district “provide paid security” in these parking lots, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Thus far, the Fresno Unified School District has refused to agree to the demands. The union is expected to go on strike in the next few weeks if the district doesn’t cave to their demands — which also include one million dollars for a “free laundry service” by 2026 and another one million dollars for free yoga, meditation and exercise programs for students. The union is also demanding free clothes, hygiene products, shampoo and conditioner for students, along with mental health services for parents.

The proposal did include some academic-related demands, such as “expanded cultural awareness lessons in all schools starting in PreK.”

Fresno Teachers Association Union President Manuel Bonilla complained in a statement that the district wasn’t acquiescing to their demands — accusing the district of failing to respond in a meaningful way and “really showing they have a lack of vision and honor the status quo.”

District Superintendent Bob Nelson fired back at this complaint, explaining that his “vision was to sit down and create a new way of bargaining, where we would work collaboratively on the things that really matter.”

Meanwhile, California is facing a severe homelessness crisis brought on by soft-on-crime policies and an oversized welfare system. The state has the largest homeless population in the U.S. — currently sitting at around 170,000 homeless people, according to a 2022 report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. A statewide study from a University of California-San Francisco research group also showed that nearly a third of the homeless population of the U.S. currently resides in California.

The homelessness crisis has led to the streets of many California cities resembling a third-world country, with videos going viral on social media of homeless encampments and open-air drug markets littering the streets.

This has led to numerous incidents of violence being committed by mentally unstable homeless people in the state, including a recent attack by a homeless serial shoplifter who set a store clerk on fire after he tried to stop him from stealing. These disturbing incidents have prompted concern from critics over the Fresno Teachers Association’s desire to allow homeless people to camp in an area where they will have access to vulnerable teenagers.

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