Every Day Under Biden Is Like ‘April Fool’s Day,’ Says Trump

During his second speech of the day, former President Donald Trump called out President Joe Biden for the failures of his administration over the past two years.

Speaking in Columbia, South Carolina, on Saturday while setting up his 2024 presidential campaign leadership team in the key early primary state, Trump argued that “every day” in the Biden administration “is like April Fools’ Day.”

“They want to defund our police. It’s not even believable,” he added, referencing the Democrats’ policy position during the riot-filled 2020 presidential campaign — which has led to a massive crime wave across the country.

“Every day in America has become April Fool’s Day,” the former president reiterated, calling out Biden for his classified documents scandal.

Trump went on to condemn Biden for destroying America’s energy independence, and for causing sky-high inflation and high energy costs, all of which have reversed the progress made under the Trump administration that created the “greatest economy in the history of America.”

The former president then asserted that he will fix Biden’s economic destruction and bring the country back to the prosperity that was witnessed under the Trump administration — stating: “I will do it again, and it won’t even be difficult.”

Trump vowed to address the border crisis if elected in 2024, saying that he will impose criminal penalties on future presidents for allowing illegal immigration to go unchecked as it has under the Biden administration.

He also reiterated a campaign promise made earlier this week, noting that he will defund schools that try to indoctrinate children with “sick” inappropriate content from the left’s radical gender ideology or teach critical race theory in schools.

Trump went on to defend New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary status amid Biden’s attempt to make South Carolina the first state primary in 2024, adding that he will work to keep South Carolina the “First in the South.”

“There were people that wanted to move it, and I said, ‘we’re not moving it,’” he said regarding the South Carolina primary, which historically comes on Super Tuesday.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who is a member of Trump’s South Carolina leadership team, also spoke during the event in favor of Trump.

“He did it once, and he can do it again,” Graham said in a fiery defense of the former president. “There are no Trump policies without President Donald Trump.”

“You can talk about his policies, but you could not do what he did,” he added.

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