Gov. Hochul Announces Massive Jobs Program For Illegal Migrants

New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a new program last week for her “sanctuary” state to provide job assistance for illegal migrants. This proposal comes even as the Empire State has 380,000 actual citizens who are looking for work.

The perfect storm of President Joe Biden’s open border policies and state and local officials proclaiming sanctuary status fueled the current crisis.

Tens of thousands of unvetted new arrivals flocked to New York City, straining the local government past what officials called the “breaking point.” The government is attempting to force unwilling neighborhoods to host “tent cities” housing thousands of single military-age males.

Now Hochul wants to provide them with jobs.

The Democrat continues to beg the Biden White House to accelerate migrant work permits for those in the state illegally. Now she will debut a jobs program authorizing the New York State Department of Labor to link illegals to prospective employers.

Hochul on Thursday livestreamed an address on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, concerning the state’s illegal migrant crisis. The governor also posted that New York “is launching a process for asylum seekers to sign up for employment opportunities.”

Besides the 380,000 New Yorkers listed as unemployed, there are almost certainly hundreds of thousands of others who are completely out of the labor market.

Yet the sanctuary state wants to magically find work for the more than 100,000 illegals who have flocked there under Democrats’ watch. Shockingly, immigrants already make up 30% of the New York workforce, and Hochul and special interest groups want even more.

It does not take a doctorate in economics to know that waves of cheap labor only diminish both job opportunities and wages for hard-working Americans.

Too many corporate interests that call New York home continue to advocate for unchecked migration. Their clear focus is not in the wellbeing of the U.S., but rather to ensure a steady flow of cheap and willing labor.

Any industry that as a standard has working conditions that needful Americans shun should take a hard look at their model. The answer is not to open the floodgates to millions of unknown immigrants to invade the country.

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