Habba Champions Trump Amid Biased Court Ordeal

After Friday’s shocking New York jury verdict, Alina Habba, attorney for President Donald Trump, emerged as a beacon of defiance against what many see as a politically motivated judiciary. Her statements outside the courtroom after the verdict was rendered underscore a growing concern among conservatives — the weaponization of the legal system against political adversaries.

Habba’s remarks followed a contentious legal battle where Trump was ordered to pay $83.3 million in damages to columnist E. Jean Carroll. The case, riddled with controversies, has been perceived by many as a litmus test of judicial impartiality in today’s polarized climate.
“I am so proud to stand with President Trump. But I am not proud to stand with what I saw in that courtroom,” Habba said.

Critics of the trial have pointed to numerous irregularities, including allegations of bias from Judge Lewis Kaplan. Habba’s bold accusation that Kaplan ensured “every single defense that President Trump had” was stifled speaks volumes about the perceived fairness of the proceedings.

Moreover, Habba’s criticism of Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s lawyer, for introducing a witness allegedly funded by Kaplan’s firm adds another layer to the controversy. This action, deemed “disgusting” by Habba, further fuels the argument that the trial was less about justice and more about political maneuvering.

President Trump vehemently denounced the verdict in a post to his Truth Social account on Friday evening, labeling it a “Biden Directed Witch Hunt.” He added, “Our Legal System is out of control, and being used as a Political Weapon. They have taken away all First Amendment Rights.”

The drama of the trial, including threats to send Habba to jail and Trump’s abrupt exit during closing arguments, paints a picture of a legal system in turmoil.

Habba’s steadfast support for Trump amid this legal firestorm comes as she said Americans are “excited to run to the ballot box,” reflecting the growing conservative sentiment that ensuring fair and secure elections is likely the last refuge against judicial overreach and politicized prosecutions.

The outcome of Trump’s appeal and the public’s reaction to it will be a telling indicator of the state of justice in America. For now, figures like Habba remain at the forefront, challenging what America First conservatives see as a judiciary actively engaged in election interference and acting as the actual threat to democracy in America.

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