Comer Discusses New Biden Corruption Revelations From Walker Testimony

Rob Walker, a business associate of Hunter Biden, provided an eight-hour interview with House investigators on Friday, in which he confirmed the receipt of a $3 million payment from a Chinese firm. The payment, as described by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), spotlights the intricate financial interactions between the Biden family and multiple hostile foreign entities.

Walker, a central figure in the Biden family’s business engagements with China and Romania, gave details about the family’s financial relationship with CEFC, a Chinese communist government-linked energy company, and Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu.

Comer stated, “Today’s interview confirmed Hunter Biden and his associates’ work with the Chinese government-linked energy company began over a year before Joe Biden left the vice presidency.” According to Comer, the Bidens and their associates delayed receiving payment from the Chinese while Joe Biden was in office as vice president.

The focal point of Comer’s statement was the payment of $3 million made to Hunter Biden and his associates shortly after Joe Biden’s vice presidency ended. According to Comer, this payment was a “thank you” from the Chinese company for work undertaken during Joe Biden’s term in office.

Moreover, bank records and a federal tax indictment against Hunter Biden in California reveal that State Energy HK, a CEFC account, transferred approximately $3 million to Walker in March 2017, shortly after Joe Biden concluded his vice-presidential term. Walker, in turn, distributed a significant portion of these funds to accounts associated with the Biden family.

Walker’s testimony also highlighted Joe Biden’s meeting with CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming. This meeting, coupled with the subsequent financial transactions, casts a shadow over the former vice president’s involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings.

However, Walker testified that Joe Biden was not involved in these business activities either during his tenure in office or as a private citizen. The carefully worded claim contrasts with the intricate financial trail linking the Biden family to CEFC and Popoviciu.

In addition to the Chinese dealings, the Biden family’s interactions with Popoviciu began in 2015, during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. Hunter Biden reportedly lobbied the U.S. Ambassador to Romania on behalf of his client, Popoviciu, at this time. These dealings were confirmed by Walker and reported by Comer, highlighting a pattern of foreign business engagements during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.

As Hunter Biden’s congressional testimony is scheduled for February 28, Americans anticipate that further details regarding the depth and nature of the Biden family’s foreign business dealings will come to light.

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