Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Claim ‘Russian Influence’ Over Weiss

Attorneys for Hunter Biden have leveled serious accusations against Biden administration Justice Department Special Counsel David Weiss. Their complex theory involving international conspiracies alleges that Weiss’s criminal prosecution of the younger Biden is advancing Russian interests.

Abbe Lowell and Bartholomew Dalton, representing Hunter, assert that the actions taken by Weiss, particularly in light of recent charges filed against the first son, mirror the objectives of Russian intelligence operations. These operations, they claim, are aimed at undermining the Biden administration and, by extension, the United States’ political stability.

This controversy stems from the collapsed plea agreement last July, where Hunter Biden was facing tax and gun-related charges. Hunter’s legal team now claims that Weiss’s office actively scuttled the agreement while somehow being manipulated into a narrative beneficial to “Russian disinformation campaigns.” They link these developments to accusations made by Alexander Smirnov, a discredited ex-FBI informant, suggesting a convoluted narrative involving foreign bribes and political coercion.

Critics of the Biden defense see this as an attempt to deflect from the charges themselves, which include nine tax-related offenses and three charges concerning illegal firearm possession under drug influence. These allegations paint a picture of individual wrongdoing distinct from the geopolitical narrative Biden’s lawyers are attempting to construct.

The backdrop to these legal proceedings is a larger political theater. House Republicans are leading an impeachment probe into President Joe Biden, examining his potential involvement in his son’s overseas business dealings. This has stirred up significant controversy and speculation regarding the extent of the elder Biden’s knowledge and participation in these affairs.

Weiss’s role as Special Counsel is particularly noteworthy. Following the fallout of Hunter Biden’s plea deal, his appointment in August places him at the center of a politically charged investigation that has ramifications beyond the courtroom. It’s a role that has attracted scrutiny and skepticism, especially given the political climate and the highly charged nature of accusations flying from both sides of the aisle.

The defense’s narrative hinges on the idea that the legal actions taken against Hunter Biden are not just the result of impartial judicial proceedings but are influenced by political pressures and external narratives, particularly those emanating from Russian sources.

Yet, the substance of the charges against Hunter Biden remains clear-cut in the eyes of the law: failure to pay taxes and illegal possession of a firearm. Even though the charges are not inherently political, they have been enveloped in a political storm of conspiracy theories designed to entice the corporate media due to the identity of the accused and the implications for the spiraling current administration.

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