Illegal Migrants In Chicago Demand Free Housing, Job Training

“Illegal migrants” and “protest” are words that should never appear in the same sentence, but the combination became a reality in Chicago in recent days.

A gathering of illegal migrants in the so-called “sanctuary” city displayed signs protesting their lack of free housing, job training and access to “safe” neighborhoods. Posters read, “We Need Paid Job Training,” “We Need Jobs” and “You Promised Us Safe Living Conditions.”

Democratic enclaves such as Chicago are being crushed under President Joe Biden’s open border policies that invited waves of illegal migrants to enter the country. Counted on to be future Democratic voters, these masses are overloading services in major metropolitan areas.

Cities are crumbling under just a taste of what southwestern states face every day.

Yet in Illinois, Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) recently signed a measure into law to add “immigration status” as a protected class to the state Human Rights Act.

As a sign of how desperate city and state leaders are to address the deluge of illegal migrants, a Wednesday town hall meeting announced a shelter program for illegals. Officials listed over a dozen buildings that are being converted to housing sites.

They include vacated churches, closed schools and colleges. It’s a fair bet, however, that these facilities are not what the protesters had in mind when they demanded free housing.

Illinois appears bent on making a bad situation worse. The state recently became the first in the nation to force landlords to rent to illegal migrants despite their status. Even if they face deportation under federal law, they must be accommodated.

Chicago bears the brunt of the state’s migrant wave as over 200 flood into the city daily.

Officials tout “sanctuary” status in one breath while claiming they are full and can handle no more in the next. The Windy City declared a state of emergency after the influx of more than 8,000 illegal migrants since just last August.

This is a drop in the bucket compared to what states along the border — particularly Texas — regularly face.

There are signs that Chicago residents are fed up with the city’s welcome mat. Citizens recently protested the providing of services to illegals that are sorely needed by taxpayers. And residents filed suit to prevent the city from converting an old school building into a migrant shelter.

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