Whistleblowers: Bidens Shielded By DOJ Prosecutors

The controversy surrounding Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, took another shocking turn as IRS investigators assert their work has been hampered by an alarming lack of access to crucial information.

At the center of this storm is Hunter Biden’s notorious abandoned laptop. Its contents have long been a source of public intrigue, with its potential bearing on the younger Biden’s financial dealings under scrutiny. Yet, IRS investigators now claim that federal prosecutors have actively barred them from examining the device.

IRS supervisory agent Gary Shapley and special agent Joe Ziegler, the whistleblowers, raised these concerns during their testimony to the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday. Shapley recounted that when Ziegler asked to access the laptop’s information to further their investigation into Hunter Biden, federal prosecutor Lesley Wolf refused, stating the prosecutors decided to deny access.

Even more disconcerting was the apparent blockage of a search warrant at Joe Biden’s guest house, where Hunter Biden had been residing. Despite clear probable cause, Wolf denied its execution, citing concern over “poor optics.”

What the investigators shared about their attempt to question or follow leads connected to Joe Biden is also worthy of note. They claimed that pursuing any line of inquiry that involved the president was highly discouraged, severely limiting the extent of their investigation. Further, investigators were blocked from using location data to determine if Joe Biden was present with Hunter Biden when the latter sent messages to a Chinese business associate.

The IRS agents also testified about an alleged Hunter Biden WhatsApp message referring to a payment from a Chinese government-linked energy conglomerate, CEFC China Energy. They claimed that these messages deserved further investigation, a step that the prosecutors thwarted.

It is puzzling that amid the glaring red flags, the tax fraud investigation against Hunter Biden concluded with a probation-only plea deal. Shapley testified that there were multiple instances in the investigation where references to President Biden arose. Yet, investigators were hindered from delving into the details.

The issues raised by Shapley and Ziegler should not be dismissed as mere political maneuvering. Their accounts underscore the need for transparency in our justice system, especially when dealing with those in positions of power. There is a pressing need for further inquiry into the Hunter Biden investigation to ensure that all facts come to light. Americans look to Republicans in control of the House to press the matter forward, despite the indifference of the corporate media.

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