Left’s Attitude On Crime Affecting Students In Seattle Schools

Since 2020, the left has advocated defunding law enforcement and freeing criminals. This behavior has led crime to skyrocket in liberal cities where state officials think it’s more important to please criminals rather than law-abiding Americans.

In Seattle, as an example, children attending school may have to constantly watch over their backs because of recent incidents that have taken place, with masked and armed criminals targeting students at three different schools in Emerald City.

Students at Auburn Riverside High School were recently attacked by masked men in organized groups who infiltrated the school building.

Fox 13 News reported that “the five people approached a side door of the school building around 1 p.m., which was locked while class is in session,” but “a student opened the door for them, thinking they were supposed to be on campus.”

After Auburn Riverside High School was locked down, local police came to the students’ rescue. The attack, which occurred on Oct. 23, 2023, resulted in the sending home of over 500 students, according to PJ Media.

Meanwhile, at Ballard High School, students are being robbed of their cell phones and wallets, sometimes at gunpoint, as they leave Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.
Ballard High School isn’t the only one affected by these robberies. The same actions took place as students walked home from Whitman Middle School.

Students at Ballard High School told KOMO News that they have been mugged at least four or six times during the course of this school year.

“I can probably name five or six people I know from Ballard who have actually encountered [the robbers]. I feel pretty scared. it’s just crazy that this is happening so close to school, especially that it is with real guns” an unidentified student told KOMO News.

“I know they’ve jumped a few people,” Cove Brammer, a sophomore at Ballard High School, told KOMO. “It’s a little scary because I walk home alone and I have my phone and my wallet.”

These recent crimes in Seattle are happening because Democrats celebrate criminals and their actions while denouncing Americans who follow the law. Nothing says this more than the left’s plan to remove firearms from law-abiding citizens.

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