Louisiana Gov. Landry Targets Illegal Immigration With Executive Order

Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry (R) signed an executive order on Tuesday to keep track of the financial burden that illegal immigration has on the state’s taxpayers and will charge the Biden administration for the amount.

The order, according to Landry, is a way of protecting Louisianans from the “costly burden of illegal immigration.”

“The cost of illegal immigration in this state is falling on the shoulders of hard-working Louisianans,” wrote Landry. “This Executive Order will analyze data to determine the financial burden our citizens are being forced to carry because of those who do not follow the law.”

As part of the order, every executive state branch agency head would be required to write a detailed report on the amount of money being spent on illegal immigrants. The report would be turned in within 120 days.

Law enforcement would also submit its own detailed monthly reports regarding the number of people convicted or charged with a criminal offense. The information in the report would also include immigration status, citizenship or nationality, criminal history, gang affiliations, and jurisdiction of arrest or conviction.

Laundry plans on calculating the expenses and sending the bill to President Joe Biden for reimbursement.

In case anyone on the left wanted to try and accuse him of being bigoted, Landry emphasized that he and his state welcome legal immigrants.

“Louisiana will always welcome those who legally immigrate, but taxpayers cannot continue to foot the bill for individuals who break the law and skip the line,” said Landry.

To combat illegal immigration, Landry told Fox News’s Neil Cavuto that if the Biden administration failed to come up with a solution to the border crisis, he would sign an executive order like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s and have Louisiana law enforcement “round them up” and send them elsewhere.

“In order to keep the peace, in order to stabilize the walls here in this state, we will absolutely do that,” Landry told Cavuto. “If the federal government just keeps piling those people on, we’ll send them over to New York.”

This is Landry’s third executive order since becoming governor.

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