‘I See Color’: Patriots First Black Coach Goes Woke

The New England Patriots introduced a new head coach in a press conference on Wednesday. Jerod Mayo, the team’s first Black head coach, had a message that received mixed reactions.

After being introduced, a reporter asked Mayo and Patriot’s owner, Robert Kraft, if they had reached out to other Black coaches. Kraft said that he did not see color in the locker room and chose Mayo based on him being the best man for the job.

Mayo, however, went completely woke with his answer. Unlike his boss, Mayo stated that color and inclusion were important.

“I do see color,” Mayo said, “because I believe if you don’t see color, you can’t see racism. And whatever happens — black, white, even someone with disabilities — for the most part, people are like, ‘Don’t.’”

“What I would say is, no, I want you to be able to go up to those people [and] really understand those people. So, that goes back to whatever it is — black, white, yellow — it really doesn’t matter, but it does matter so we can try to fix a problem that we all know we have,” he added.


The 37-year-old played with the Patriots for eight seasons as a linebacker and was also the linebacker coach before being promoted.

In the Patriots 64-year long history, the team has only had 13 head coaches. Mayo replaced long time coach Bill Belichick, who was with the Patriots for 24 years.

What Mayo might fail to realize is that not many people care about what color the coaches and players are. Instead, the main focus is on ability. Diversity should not be the main factor when building a winning team.


While woke reporters love asking Black head coaches about their race, one coach didn’t take the bait when asked a race question.

In 2022, Tampa Bay Head Coach Todd Bowles dealt with a White woke journalist who kept telling him that being a Black coach should be important to him. In a classy way, Bowles called her out on her racism, saying that race is “not a big deal” and how he and other coaches “don’t look at color.”


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