Mexican Cartels Leading The Migrant Surge Into American Borders

Former Texas Rep. Mayra Flores (R) believes Mexican cartels are better funded than the American border patrol. She also states the cartels are using military tactics to siege the United States.

In a recent statement from Flores, the migrant surge into America was discussed. Flores cited the cartels as one of the primary reasons for the migrant surge push into America’s southern borders.

Flores suggested the cartel’s push of migrants across the border uses military tactics. One of the tactics becomes apparent when the chain of events during the surge is studied.

The former representative points out that as cities like Eagle Pass or El Paso become overpopulated with migrants, the border patrol agents flood the area. This flood of agents is to help calm the overpopulation and prevent harm to the city’s citizens.

When the agents arrive in the overpopulated area, it decreases the number of agents at other border cities. This decrease in agents allows for a shift in migrants to those lower-secured areas.

The fact that the border patrol agents in America show signs of being unable to control the population while maintaining stable security along the border proves Flores’ point. She says that this lack of security maintenance across the border shows the cartels are in charge, not American border control.

Yuma, Texas, residents recently made their voices known about the cartel-controlled migrant crisis. The residents stated the cartels are making billions off of the drug and human trafficking trade through the open borders.

Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines told news reporters the issue at the border is not a city issue. The issue at the border is a federal issue.

Lines sentiment is shared by many Mayors and authorities across the country. The most recent outcry to this sentiment was New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), who requested federal aid for what he called a federal problem.

The cartels have created a well-organized plan of smuggling everything from drugs to humans across the open southern borders. It is becoming an apparent problem that democrats and republicans alike are saying should end with stricter border control and closing the borders until the crisis can be stemmed.

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