White House’s Deflection Against New Allegations Debunked By Hunter’s Deal

While the White House desperately tried to spin the new allegations that President Joe Biden’s address was listed on two Chinese payments sent to Hunter Biden’s business, information included in Hunter’s now-defunct plea deal debunks their attempt at deflection.

The bombshell allegation was revealed in a press release from House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) on Tuesday.

“On July 26, 2019, Hunter Biden received a $10,000 wire from Wang Xin. On August 2, 2019, Hunter Biden received a $250,000 wire from Jonathan Li and Tan Ling,” the press release reported. “Both wires originated in Beijing and Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home is listed as the beneficiary address for both wires.”

Responding to the news in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, White House spokesperson Ian Sams called the allegations “bananas.”
Sams was responding to a post from a left-wing journalist claiming that the allegations were a “fake, would-be gotcha” because Hunter Biden was living at his father’s Delaware home in 2019.

“Imagine them arguing that, if someone stayed at their parents’ house during the pandemic, listed it as their permanent address for work, and got a paycheck, the parents somehow also worked for the employer,” Sams claimed. “It’s bananas. Yet this is what extreme House Republicans have sunken to.”

However, the claims made by Sams and the journalist are easily proven false with information found in Hunter Biden’s failed sweetheart plea deal with federal prosecutors. In the statement of facts included in the deal, Hunter Biden agreed that he had been living in California throughout 2019 — across the country from his father’s Delaware home.

That document stated: “After numerous programs and trips to rehab, Biden got sober in May 2019, the same month he married his current wife. He has remained sober since. Biden remained in California and spent much of Summer 2019 painting and developing plans for his memoir, which he began working on through the fall and into the winter.”

Meanwhile, according to the New York Post, Hunter Biden also stated in his memoir that he had been living in California around that time.

It is obvious from this evidence that Hunter Biden was not living with his father at the time that the wire transfers were sent, though it is unclear why then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s address was used for the payments.

Conservatives argue that Hunter Biden used his father’s address because Joe Biden was involved in his son’s foreign business schemes, while Hunter’s attorney Abbe Lowell claims that it was used because it was the address on Hunter’s driver’s license at the time.

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