Off-Duty NYPD Cop Arrested For Drunken Driving, Assault

An off-duty officer with the New York Police Department allegedly struck multiple parked vehicles and discharged his weapon on Saturday morning. Now he is facing drunk driving and assault charges, police sources said.

Just after 2 a.m. that day, Efrain Alejandro was driving his personal vehicle — a Jeep Wrangler — when he reportedly crashed his car into other parked cars in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The impact of the collision caused so much damage to Alejandro’s car that it could not be driven. In a stroke of luck, the parked cars did not have anyone in them, so no injuries were recorded.

Alejandro, assigned to the 40th Precinct station house in the Bronx, is also accused of shooting at an Uber driver.

Officers had apprehended him in response to a report that told them shots had been fired on the 100 block of Tompkins Avenue, near Vernon Avenue. Upon arrival, they found the officer had shot a gun in the direction of an Uber driver that pulled up behind him. Some reports say he fired the shot into the air.

According to sources, the Uber driver had been trying to help Alejandro. Another person, the owner of a small corner store close to the scene, also went toward the officer to see what had happened before the gunfire said to have been aimed at scaring people from coming close to the officer.

No one got hit in the gunfire, police say. Officers, however, retrieved the off-duty officer’s gun.

Alejandro was asked to take a Breathalyzer. Officers determined his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit for driving. Per sources, the blood alcohol concentration stood at 0.08%, just above the legal limit in New York.

Upon the result, he was taken to Brooklyn Hospital for treatment and placed under arrest. He now faces charges related to assault, menacing and aggravated DWI.

Alejandro was also suspended from duty, according to sources. As of 2022, he reportedly earned $48,555, as seen on the SeeThroughNY website, which provides aggregated data on the salaries of public workers.

Further information regarding the case is not immediately available.

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