O’Keefe Exposes Insidious BlackRock Global Influence

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe peeled back layers covering global investment firm BlackRock Inc., and what was revealed was frightening for those who value freedom.

A journalist with his new O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) talked with BlackRock recruiter Serge Varlay. She listened as he told her of the incredible mass of funding the company controls and how that money enables it to “run the world.”

Understandably, Varlay explained that BlackRock prefers to operate under the cover of darkness and stay out of the spotlight. That way, the public does not notice what they are doing to global societies.

The recruiter said his employer does not “want people to talk about them. They don’t want to be anywhere on the radar.”

He expressed his belief that this subtlety makes it “easier to do things when people aren’t thinking about it.”

The OMG journalist asked her source about BlackRock’s position on the war in Ukraine, and his response was telling. He called it “good for business,” saying that when Russian forces attack grain silos, “the price of wheat’s gonna go mad up.”

In an admission that will not please his employers, Varlay detailed the actions taken in this instance by a trading firm.

As he revealed, trades will be immediately pumped into “whoever the wheat suppliers are. Into their stocks. Within an hour or two that stock goes…up and then you sell and you just make, I don’t know, however many mil.”

Varlay observed that Ukraine is heavily tied to the global wheat market and bread prices. He called the situation spawned by the war “fantastic if you’re trading.”

The BlackRock employee asserted that volatility creates profit and that war is excellent for business. He called it exciting when [expletive] goes wrong.”

As for himself, Varlay told the OMG investigative reporter that he “decides people’s fates.” He boasted that every day, “I literally decide how somebody’s life is going to be shaped.”

He added that he is not a finance guy but knows how the operation works because he recruits people who pull the strings. As for buying influence and political power, Varlay said having enough money makes it an easy proposition.

Further, the cheapest to purchase are U.S. senators. He revealed that if you have $10,000, “you can buy a senator. It doesn’t matter who wins. They’re in my pocket at this point.”