Robbery Investigation Uncovers Dark Visa Procurement Plan

New information regarding a January robbery at a gas station in Houston, Texas, reveals the crime was not just an attempt to rob a couple of their purse and wallet, but rather, part of an illegal enterprise to help immigrants secure visas.

The New York Post reported that on Jan. 27, Rasshauud Scott, 22, was caught on surveillance camera approaching a couple getting gas at a Chevron gas station.

According to original court documents, Scott stole a purse and wallet from the couple. As he ran from the scene, an armed bystander who observed the apparent robbery pulled their weapon and shot Scott in the head.

Scott was pronounced dead at the scene.

A follow-up investigation revealed that Scott staged the robbery. Fox News reported that Telegram messages between Scott and Winfrey indicated the two had worked together on several similar staged robberies.

His widow, Sade Beverly, told officers that the encounter “was a set up” as part of an ongoing crime ring.”

According to a new affidavit, Scott’s alleged accomplice, William Winfrey, 30, said that Rasshauud was told the robbery was a ruse and to make it “look real.”

Winfrey fled the scene after the shooting. He was on probation at the time and had a gun in his possession.

The affidavit noted that during the expanded investigation, one of the mock victims “confirmed that the robbery was, in fact, a set-up, and the purpose of the scheme is to obtain a U-visa.”

The Post noted that a “U-visa” refers to “U Nonimmigrant Status,” which officials can grant to victims of certain crimes who suffer mental or physical abuse and are helpful to authorities investigating or prosecuting suspects.

Authorities are now reviewing U-visa applications for indications of similar patterns of criminal activity.

On Wednesday, Police officials arrested Winfrey and charged him with murder in connection with Scott’s death. A judge denied his request to be released on bond.

Scott’s fiancée told Fox26, “He didn’t deserve what happened to him at all. He was making a dumb decision. I’m not defending him, of course, but he didn’t deserve to die.”

Beverly added: “Somebody still lost a life at the end of the day. Have some decorum,” she told the outlet. “It would have eventually caught up to him, and he would have had to learn the hard way. He just took him out. He didn’t get the chance to fix his mistakes.”

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