Senator Calls To ‘Shut Down’ Nancy Pelosi Federal Building

In a letter to the General Services Administration, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) called for shutting down the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building in San Francisco over the dangerous conditions outside of the building — which includes an open-air drug market.

The Tuesday letter calls on the General Services Administration, which manages the building, to close it down “for the foreseeable future.”

In August, a memo was circulated at the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building telling employees to work from home indefinitely — citing public safety concerns. The 18-story building, located on Seventh Street and Mission, houses several federal agencies — including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Department of Transportation and Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) office. The work-from-home memo was reportedly only sent to HHS employees.

In numerous videos of the building shared on social media, it is evident that the homelessness crisis and the drug crisis have had serious effects on the area. One commentator even argued that the building “looks like a US embassy in a poverty-stricken country.”

According to city data, there were 525 drug-related incidents on the block around the federal building over the past year. Drug dealers often do business outside the building in broad daylight, while addicts hang out and openly use drugs on the building’s concrete benches, the San Francisco Chronicle previously reported.

In a statement, Ernst declared that she was “calling to shut down the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building. After all, they’ve already been forced to abandon it, so why should taxpayers keep the lights on in Nancy Pelosi’s haunted house?”

She went on to argue that the building is a dangerous place to work — blaming former House Speaker Pelosi and “the other liberal politicians that have allowed criminal chaos to overtake the streets of San Francisco.”

“Ironically, the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building is a symbol of the way government doesn’t work, … if it’s not safe for federal employees to work here, it certainly can’t be safe for businesses to operate and families to live here,” Ernst added.

The Republican senator also pointed out that there are at least five other federal buildings in the San Francisco area where the federal employees could work — which she said would allow taxpayers to interact with government agencies “without fearing for their lives.”

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