Transgender Radicals Prey On The People’s Kindness

Normal people are inherently kind. So, when they are confronted by transgender radicals who preach that their children will be suicidal without mutilative surgeries, many feel sympathy.

This is a fraud perpetrated on good-hearted people by those who care for nothing more than to spread trans ideology. A shining example is cited by The Federalist of a boy named Kobe who was 13 when online adults convinced him to “change his gender.”

They advised him to play the “suicide card” to garner sympathy, and it worked.

Kobe is now detransitioning, but it’s too late to reverse his castration and other regrettable gender-affirming “care” done to him by adults who should be protecting him. He recalled expecting to undergo a transition in his mental health, but nothing of the sort followed.

Instead, he faces a lifetime of necessary medical treatments because of activists posing as helpful adults.

The myth of transgender suicides is spearheaded in large part by Stephen Hammes, president of the Endocrine Society. But that claim was steadfastly disputed in a letter to the Wall Street Journal on July 13 signed by 21 researchers and clinicians from nine countries.

Every systematic review, they reported, countered Hammes’ stand. In fact, they asserted “there is no reliable evidence to suggest that hormonal transition is an effective suicide-prevention measure.”

Of course, that will not deter the surgeons and pharmaceutical companies embroiled in the new multi-million dollar transgender industry. Their goal is to perform as many unnecessary and barbaric procedures on healthy young people as possible.

Whether it’s “gender-affirming surgery” or “hormone replacement therapy,” their targets remain the same. Confused minors who are in no position to make such permanent choices for themselves.

These children need sane parents and mental health intervention, not surgical madness.

There have been a vast number of concessions in the name of human rights in recent years, and most in 2023 are content to let consenting adults live their lives. But that’s not enough for adherents of radical gender ideology.

No, every knee must bow at the altar of gender fluidity and mutilation. It is quite possible, however, that some on the left finally picked a battle they cannot win when they started coming for the children.