Trump Tells DeSantis To ‘Come Home’ And Govern

Former President and 2024 Republican frontrunner Donald Trump on Saturday admonished GOP rival Ron DeSantis to return to Florida and “do the job he was elected to do.”

Trump delivered the keynote address to the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach. He declared, “It is time for Ron DeSanctus to get back here and do the job he was elected to do — be the governor of Florida.”

The state is being rocked by a home and car insurance crisis. Trump referred to this Saturday and said DeSantis needs to go back to the Sunshine State and handle the insurance situation, which he called the worst in the U.S.

The former president’s remarks followed by just a day the announcement by AAA that it will not renew home and car insurance policies for some Florida policyholders.

This joined a similar action in recent days by Farmers Insurance.

AAA specifically referenced 2022’s “catastrophic” hurricane season. The state suffered between an estimated $50 and $65 billion in damages from Hurricane Ian last fall.

Trump slammed his chief Republican rival for “wasting such precious time and resources to divide the party.” The frontrunner observed that DeSantis will likely not occupy second place in GOP primary polling much longer as he has been losing support.

A recent Morning Consult survey showed Trump almost 40 points ahead of DeSantis, and several other polls revealed the Florida governor’s momentum has reversed.

The former president told the weekend gathering that money going to DeSantis is merely propping up “a hopeless cause.” He urged the party to unify behind his candidacy and eject “Crooked Joe” next year.

Whatever funds are headed towards his rival would be better spent establishing an apparatus, Trump declared, to build a state-of-the-art vote-gathering operation. If Republicans do this, he explained, it would “swamp the Democrats’ cheating and ballot harvesting.”

As Trump pulled away from his pack of GOP rivals, he warned that Democratic enemies want him gone because they know he can bring them down. “They want to take away MY freedom because I will never let them take away YOUR freedom.”

It is he, Trump told the enthusiastic audience, who stands in the way of the radical left.

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