Upcoming Smartphone Harnesses The Power Of Generative AI

Samsung has announced that the upcoming Galaxy S24 smartphone will include artificial intelligence capabilities for the first time. The native generative AI will allow users to streamline the way they use a smartphone. The first task that Samsung has introduced is a real-time translator function that uses AI to aid in communication between individuals who do not speak the same language.

Translator programs are typically added to a phone through a third-party app, with some functioning well while others are more of a gimmick. Often, translator programs have a difficult time accurately translating colloquial expressions and slang typically used in conversation. The promise of AI is the ability to scour billions of data points in mere milliseconds to determine the proper translation.

Several programs are already available that use AI to enhance translations. Many are text-based and convert spoken words into text messages. Samsung AI plans on their native translator functioning similarly with the ultimate goal of creating a speech-to-speech translator.

Samsung says the goal of the language and speech AI is to create devices that enhance a user’s experience and “should provide you with ease of living, which will improve your quality of life,” according to the tech company’s website. Samsung plans to continue innovation of AI technology to eventually enhance camera capabilities.

The introduction of advanced AI systems into smartphones could carry some risks. The site Translate by Humans, a website dedicated to supporting human linguists, identifies several areas of concern when using AI translators. Current programs suffer from inaccurate translations, an inability to understand cultural sensitivity and political correctness, and the ever-present risk of data misuse.

Most translator programs today, such as Google Translate and ChatGPT, are best suited for casual conversations according to Business Insider Magazine. At the business level, these translators are not accurate enough to be useful and are riddled with potential security problems that could expose sensitive communications to rival companies or hackers seeking a leverage point.

The development of AI technology is occurring rapidly with new products entering the market regularly. The newest Samsung AI is a logical step toward a future in which AI is fully integrated into the daily lives of nearly every person on Earth, but experts believe we are still years away from technology that can completely replace professions such as human translators.

The risks of AI technology are very real, and something that Samsung claims to be committed to addressing as the technology develops. Recently, the company banned its employees from using AI at work over concerns about data breaches from unsecured third-party servers.

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