Democrat Sen. Fetterman Mocks Pro-Hamas Demonstrators

There are apparently times when even Democrats have moments of clarity. On Thursday, Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) proved that he is still capable of rational thought and taking an honorable stand despite all the evidence to the contrary.

As he walked out of the Capitol, a group of leftist pro-Hamas demonstrators were making their presence known outside. Had Fetterman merely followed the lead of many of his Democratic colleagues, he would have made some gesture of support for those backing terrorists.

Instead, he did something surprising.

To the jeers and boos of the gathering, Fetterman produced a small Israeli flag and began waving it over his head. He did not foolishly stop and engage the delusional protesters, but merely waved and smiled at them.

At the same time, chants of “genocide” were emanating from the crowd. One male protester shouted, “You do a disservice to Pennsylvania.”

Undoubtedly, Fetterman still aligns with his misguided compatriots on most issues and is a Democrat to the core. But for this one brief and shining moment, he demonstrated a based position that aligned with values shared by most Americans.

At least on this one issue, it wasn’t the first time.

Fetterman last week decided on a most unusual way to decorate his Senate office. Instead of mementos from back home or the typical fare expected of his position, he plastered missing posters for each of the more than 200 hostages currently held by Hamas terrorists.

The senator shared a video of the display along with the reasoning behind it.

He wrote, “In my front office I have displayed the posters of the innocent Israelis kidnapped by Hamas. They will stay up until every single person is returned home.”

Fetterman’s support for Israel continues despite harsh criticism from pro-terrorist factions of the Democratic Party. Many of his constituents pushed him to demand a ceasefire, echoing the prevalent Hamas talking point.

If supporting a strong U.S. ally and the Middle East’s only democracy is enough to fracture Democrats, this is a great sign for conservatives heading into 2024. It is a good thing when your opposition cannot agree even on denouncing terrorism.

And give Fetterman the credit that is due. Despite his many other indefensibly liberal positions, in this one case he refused to cave to radicals within his own party.

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