Blinken Asks China To Dissuade Russia’s Nuclear Space Expansion

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently asked China for help in stopping the Russian government’s nuclear weapons program in space.

Blinken previously attended a conference in Munich, Germany, telling Chinese and Indian attendees about the possibility of a Russian nuclear weapon targeting U.S. satellites orbiting in space.

The secretary of state said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his hatred for the U.S., China and India, urging the countries to dissuade the president from committing what could turn into a disaster.

The New York Times reported that if such a nuclear weapon is detonated, Chinese and Indian satellites could be destroyed, leading to “disconnection” and a failure of global communications.

If such nuclear weapons are deployed in space, emergency services to cellphones and regulations for generators and petrol pumps could be destroyed. Townhall pointed out that debris from a possible nuclear explosion could enter Earth’s orbit, hindering navigation for satellites, such as Starlink, primarily used for internet communications.

On Feb. 17, 2024, Blinken said that Russia’s possible use of a nuclear weapon in space creates a significant national security issue.

The Daily Caller, citing the New York Times, noted that developing nuclear weapons in space violates a 50-year treaty.

“Putting a nuclear weapon in space is in violation of an over 50-year treaty that has so far stopped the proliferation of weapons into the region, according to the NYT,” the Daily Caller wrote.

“Besides telecommunications concerns, Blinken also warned that debris from the possible nuclear explosions would pose a threat to low-earth orbit navigation, putting further satellite operations at risk,” the outlet added.

“Blinken spoke with the two officials, believing that Russia would be more likely to listen to them than the U.S. due to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s disdain for the country, according to the NYT,” it continued.

Russia has reportedly launched military satellites since 2022 when the country invaded Ukraine.

The Biden administration has expressed worry that if the U.S. sanctions the Kremlin, Russia’s president may deploy the nuclear weapon into space.

The Russian government has dismissed allegations that it is trying to expand its nuclear arsenal in space.

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