CNN’s Chris Licht Is Out After Just One Year

After years of underperforming, CNN will likely lose another CEO. According to multiple reports, the network’s CEO, Chris Licht, is out.

According to Breitbart News, Licht was walking on thin ice after he allowed CNN to host former President Donald Trump for a town hall in May 2023. Since Trump was allowed to state his beliefs and come off as commanding, the workers at CNN began to enter “panic mode.”

Licht perhaps thought hosting Trump would be disastrous for the former president’s campaign, but no such thing occurred.

According to Breitbart News, Licht’s mistake was choosing CNN host Kaitlan Collins to moderate the Trump town hall.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that several of CNN’s “journalists,” such as Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, and Erin Burnett, began to “stab Licht in the back” over his decision to host Trump.

To compensate for Licht’s exit, Warner Bros. Discovery chairman David Zazlav said CNN’s leadership team will now include Amy Entelis, executive vice president of talent and content development; Virginia Moseley, executive vice president of editorial; and Eric Sherling, executive vice president of U.S. programming.

David Leavy will continue overseeing CNN’s commercial activities.

“So that’s the good news in all of this… CNN is doomed no matter who’s in charge. This Entelis lady will almost certainly cater to the “talent,” which means CNN will only get worse with its toxicity and misinformation. Which, ironically, will be the only way CNN can boost its viewership from, say, 500,000 to 550,000,” Breitbart News contributor John Nolte stated.

Nolte argued that CNN must continuously move further left to try and repair the “damage” after the Trump town hall. He said the network’s “only hope” is to gain left-wing people who hate Trump, adding that it might have a chance to regain the credibility it once had by firing all staff members responsible for spreading the blockbuster lies about Trump and political issues.

The now-debunked lies, of which there are many, include the false reporting of CNN when the network said Trump colluded with the Russian government in 2016 to become president.

According to The Factual, CNN holds an average credibility grade of 53%, well below the national average of nearly 62%.

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