Elon Musk Blasts Disney’s Bob Iger Over ‘Blackmail’

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk leveled harsh words at Disney CEO Bob Iger over the latter’s announcement that he pulled all advertising from X, formerly Twitter. The owner of the social media platform told the entertainment executive that he could “go [make love to] himself.”

Musk said that major advertisers such as Disney and Apple are attempting to “blackmail” him over free speech. His pointed comments came on Wednesday at The New York DealBook Summit.

The businessman made a startling admission about the current left-wing pushback against the platform. “What this advertising is going to do is, it is going to kill the company. And the whole world will know that those advertisers killed the company.”

Musk detailed the advertiser backlash after some criticized him for supposedly supporting an antisemitic post.

His point was clear. “Don’t advertise. If someone is going to try and blackmail me with advertising. Blackmail me with money?” Musk then addressed Iger directly. “Hey Bob, if you’re in the audience. That’s how I feel, don’t advertise.”


Musk declared his intent to do good for the world trumps any desire to have everyone like him. Responding to critics’ charges of antisemitism, he reiterated his support for Israel and said that emboldening antisemites was “not his intention.”

After his crude remarks aimed at Iger and others, Musk said he has no issue with being hated. “I’m certainly not going to do some sort of tap dance to prove to people that I am [a decent human being].”

Despite leftists’ clear desire to destroy him due to marching to his own drummer, Musk has an unassailable track record.

He noted the success of electric vehicle company Tesla “with no advertising at all” and added that he deserved credit for its environmental impact.

Musk told the interviewer, “Tesla has done more to help the environment than all other companies combined. It would be fair to say, therefore, as the leader of the company, I’ve done more for the environment than any single person on Earth.”

He explained to Sorkin that he is not bothered by critics who charge he is more concerned with public perception than making positive changes.

Musk explained, “What I care about is the reality of goodness, not the perception of it. And what I see all over the place are people who care about looking good, while doing evil.”

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